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subsitute for missing fuel petcock 82 GL 500 interstate

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I bought an 81 GL500 Interstate about 6 weeks ago and liked it so I bought another one!

Number 2 is an 82 GL Interstate and is complete except it is missing the front seat, both side covers, and most importantly the fuel petcock.

Does anyone know what would be a good replacement or substitute petcock. I’d prefer to not have a vacuum petcock. If anyone has any of these parts for sale I’d be interested.

As for the condition it, I looks like it's been sitting a few years but the engine is not locked and that is as far as I've gotten.


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On my cx 500 c I had to drill out one of the needle valves. I was able to remove the larger part, the threded portion. I was left with the needle shank in the hole. I used a high temp air line I used in my buisness to press on the remainder and removed the rest. I have a lot of carb parts here. Well you could e-mail me and I may be able to help out.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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