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Hi all,

I was hard-pressed to find info on this, and I wanted to share for anyone here considering a frame repaint on the cheap or future Google searchers.

My buddy and I disassembled our Hondas (he has an '81 CB650) over the last couple of days and have been painting many parts together, including the motors. Somebody had poorly brush painted his bike years ago, so he wanted to strip the paint all the way off, and I thought that sounded great as well even though my paint was good enough to be scuffed and painted over. Unfortunately, we wound up choosing a non-methylene chloride stripper, which made quick work of the rattle canned stuff on my frame and his brushed paint, but barely touched the factory paint. It was basically a big mess.

After taking the frames to the power washer, we were left with two frames mostly covered in gross 70's/80's paint. Regular wire wheels, sandpaper, and wire brushes weren't enough to get the paint off, unless we had a whole lot of time.

The trick we found is that if you use a propane torch as someone else hits the frame with a wire wheel, the paint flies right off! This might seem intuitive, but it took us a couple hours of dry sanding and wire brushing to figure it out...

In the end, we're just using VHT chassis paint (he's using the VHT epoxy paint), but if I could do it again, I'd bring it to a powder coating service and get it glass blasted and coated. However, for those looking to paint a frame on the cheap (just using rattle cans), I'd suggest sticking to scuffing the frame paint without removing it if at all possible!

TL;DR: don't try to use cheap paint stripper on your frame, but if you do, a torch and a wire wheel will whip the paint right off.
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