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still noisy

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So it took me a long time to do, between all the other projects I had going, but I finally finished putting the bike back together after replacing the cam chain. There was some pretty bad wear inside the case from that thing.

Unfortunately, the bike is still noisy. It's pretty decent when the motor is cold, but once it's warmed up, it's still pretty noisy (albeit not as bad as before I did the chain).

I've properly tensioned the chain, and have checked/adjusted the valves (.003 and .004 with the motor stone cold). What else can I do?
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Does clutch rattle always get quieter as it warms up?

Conversely, does main bearing failure always get louder?

Just wondering! Every bearing knock I have ever heard got louder when hot.
I haven't heard anything else about the Hayden Automotive - Electric Fan Control

either until last month. Toehead said he had been using it for a while.

"That is exactly the one I am using. I am not sure how well it would work over the long term (it seems kind of fragile and not waterproof) but it seems to be working for the short term."

He put on the smaller/simpler switch right when he got it. Maybe he'll chime-in to compare the two.
That I did!

The smaller switch does look more reliable. The hayden unit I had used a radiator probe, but the control box didn't look waterproof. I wouldnt have trusted it for a long ride.

I will say that the 75 unit turns on at just about the optimal temperature on the gauge. In the summer though, the fan turns on once and then doesn't turn off again. That could be my radiator being clogged, but I don't know. With the hayden, I had it set to turn on half way between the optimal and overheating marks... it would cycle and only came on at stoplights.

Now that it is cooler out, the 75 degree switch cycles as well. Overall I think the smaller switch is probably better for peace of mind.
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