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still noisy

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So it took me a long time to do, between all the other projects I had going, but I finally finished putting the bike back together after replacing the cam chain. There was some pretty bad wear inside the case from that thing.

Unfortunately, the bike is still noisy. It's pretty decent when the motor is cold, but once it's warmed up, it's still pretty noisy (albeit not as bad as before I did the chain).

I've properly tensioned the chain, and have checked/adjusted the valves (.003 and .004 with the motor stone cold). What else can I do?
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Is the Fan ok?

Sound on the video is not so good :/
The,"Main" bearings rarely go on these engines not to be confused with the Big-end shells/crank shaft bearings and crank which can be damaged easily dependent on the running conditions they receive.

A well serviced CX can easily go over 140,000 Km+

With no bottom end problems.Some in Australia are over the 200,000 Km mark.

Some quick or quicker ways to ruin the engine.

Not taking notice of Cam-chain knock in time and failure to replace the cam-chain and or failure to adjust on a regular basis is a manual cam-chain.

Not changing oil+filter and or coolant often enough.

Running the engine above it's nominal operating temperature for prolonged periods.

Running the engine on a lean mixture for prolonged periods(Overheating is a symptom).
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Just a thought.Are you 100% certain you have the tappets set correctly e.g @ TDC on the Compression stroke?

Also there could be a possibility that there's something not right with the Cam-chain and adjuster and were you certain you got the Cam-chain alignment correct?

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Yep, tappets done at TDC on compression. I have not pulled them to check the faces though.

I'm fairly confident I got the timing correct when installing the chain. If I didn't I would assume the bike wouldn't run as well, but it runs much better/stronger than it did with the old stretched chain.

Is there any chance of getting a better sound recording?
Could well be the fan/Fan guard.
Well, I'll pull it tonight or tomorrow morning and find out. Just wish I had something on-hand to replace it with. I think all I've got is a few PC fans, lol.

High powered PC fans have been used as an electric fan conversion but they were these type,

By the time you have at least two needed you can get a 2nd hand Bike fan if this indeed you problem.

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Yep.That's quite common e.g small cracks leading to larger ones like you have.Good job you found it in time as the fans can explode taking the Radiator with it
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I'd dress the tappets.If nothing else it will help eliminate another source of noise.I think it's a combination of sounds which is quite common when we get these bikes after they have been left neglected for years and or badly treated.

I didn't get my engines sounding smooth in one night

It was a process of servicing things that had been neglected over the years.Also look for any exhaust leaks.Even a bad manifold gasket ring

can cause what sounds like a noisy tappet or little end knock.
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Ok, I'll continue searching. Tappets will get dressed this weekend, and I'll continue trying to locate the noises. I hope the gasket rings aren't leaking - I just put them on, lol.

If you mean the exhaust ones sometimes it's just that the clamps have not aligned correctly when tightening up.
I believe this is the same switch. Maybe Shep will chime in, he found the switches originally... I know it's the same vendor I used.

I'll be happy to send one out to you guys. Let me find out what the postage is tomorrow and I'll get back to ya.


My 1st conversion has now been through two summers and a Winter and coming up to it's 2nd winter soon and still running flawlessly.

-- Keith

Yep.Same ones.As stated I snipped off the little ring thingy to make them easier to glue on.


My 1st conversion has now been through two summers and a Winter and coming up to it's 2nd winter soon and still running flawlessly.
I found the 75 Deg C temp switch,where I mounted them,are susceptible to the the amount of coolant in the Radiator hence I only fill about 3/4" above the fins in the Rad.As in the other thread on the coolant overflow bottle doing this may not allow the coolant to to and fro' from the overflow bottle but this is under test as in a correctly cleaned and flushed system the overflow bottle may not get used much if any.

Having the Rad full and in Summer the fan may not switch off until longer sustained air-cooling kicks in but as my Ducati fans only use 2 amps this is not a problem anyway as even my 170w Stator CDI system has never flattened a battery yet but I do maintain my batteries correctly and give them a fresher step maintenance charge from time to time especially in the colder months.

This does not affect the fact that were I have mounted my Temp switch and the lower level of coolant have caused no harm whatsoever in two Summers and a Winter.If it were possible to mount the temp switch on top of the rad I think you could have the best of both worlds or you would have to fit say an 80 Deg C switch

were not around when I wanted to try one or I couldn't source them.You can't go much above that otherwise the fan will just kick in too late.At a push an 85 Deg C N/O.A 90 Deg C definitely does not work as that's what I 1st tried.
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