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still noisy

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So it took me a long time to do, between all the other projects I had going, but I finally finished putting the bike back together after replacing the cam chain. There was some pretty bad wear inside the case from that thing.

Unfortunately, the bike is still noisy. It's pretty decent when the motor is cold, but once it's warmed up, it's still pretty noisy (albeit not as bad as before I did the chain).

I've properly tensioned the chain, and have checked/adjusted the valves (.003 and .004 with the motor stone cold). What else can I do?
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Just to verify, you set the chain tension at Left TDC on the compression stroke, correct?


That is correct.

Pretty sure it's not the clutch. Rickbert, it's worse when hot, not better.

Just took a video, I'll get it up soon.
Here was before doing the cam chain:


Here is after doing the cam chain:

Before I heard the video, I was going to guess that you need to change your valve tappet screw, but that does not sound like the tappets.

Internet sound quality is not that good, but I'd take a look at the main bearings.

Does this bike have a tendency to overheat at all?

Did you find any copper in your oil?

Oil is squeaky clean, even before replacing the chain. Bike doesn't overheat. Right after I buttoned it back up it seemed to run a bit warmer than usual, but that seems to have worked itself out.
I think it might just be the fan. The noise is much louder in the front than it is in the rear. Which is definitely not how it was prior to replacing the cam chain. I think I may have broken the fan on reinstallation.

Sucks I'm broke and can't afford an electric fan right now.
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Dude, an electric fan from a Ninja can be had on ebay for ~10-15 bucks.

Obviously you haven't seen my bank account balance

I'm considering trying one of these (when I get the funds of course):
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Yep, tappets done at TDC on compression. I have not pulled them to check the faces though.

I'm fairly confident I got the timing correct when installing the chain. If I didn't I would assume the bike wouldn't run as well, but it runs much better/stronger than it did with the old stretched chain.
I'll try this weekend. I have my phone and a cheap camera, neither of which are very good with audio. I'll see what I can come up with though. If I have time I might pull the fan and see if it's still noisy.
Was able to get this recording just now.

Sounds like there are 3 separate noises. One seems to be the normal valvetrain noise, there there is the loud woodpecker I've been referring to, and then something else in the background. When you hear the main knocking get louder, it's when I moved the mic to near the radiator.
I adjusted the oil pump chain before I put the front cover back on.

Definitely going to need to check the fan. Hope to do that this weekend.
Well, I'll pull it tonight or tomorrow morning and find out. Just wish I had something on-hand to replace it with. I think all I've got is a few PC fans, lol.
I think this might be the problem...

There's a shiny spot on the tach housing where the fan was hitting.
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Fan removed, the main noise is gone. Still pretty damn noisy, though...
I did adjust them. I haven't pulled them out to reface them yet though.

Just seems noisier than most videos I hear...
Ok, I'll continue searching. Tappets will get dressed this weekend, and I'll continue trying to locate the noises. I hope the gasket rings aren't leaking - I just put them on, lol.
Just bought this fan:

Not an awesome deal, but better than nothing.

Shoreride, I think I'll take you up on that offer. Sending a message...
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