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Stator replacement/upgrade

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Hi i bought a 81 cx500 a couple months ago and I'm trying to get it back on the road. I'm sure this questions been answered a million times. But I know you can upgrade the g47 to the g8 and use ignitech I believe but i cannot find any ignitech systems for sale. or maybe my whole concept of ignitech is wrong (isn't it a sperate ignition system box that runs the engine instead of the pulse generator?) any ways I'm just looking to be pointed in the right direction. I haven't really been able to understand all the things I've read about the stator upgrade
thank you in advanced i really appreciate it. :D
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If you go with the Rae-San full hall set up you will be set up with a complete brand new ignition system and be able to use the g8 stator.
Ignitech bypasses the ignition power generating portion of the alternator, relying on system voltage for ignition power. This would allow you to install a G8, charging-only stator, but depends on the 40-year-old stock ignition trigger coils.
Rae-san offers an option to bypass the trigger coils, as well.
Either solution will work, depending on how your trigger coils check out.
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