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Just looking for some input on this subject. Seems that when these beasties sit for more than a few days, it seems to take too much battery to finally get fuel to the carbs and the engine to start firing. Even with batteries topped up it seems to take forever to get the thumper popping. Otherwise after starting the engines run perfectly. Am I missing something or is it just the nature of these critters.

This doesn't really help you, but my bike starts pretty well even after sitting a while.  Lately the weather's been unpredictable, yesterday it was below 30 in the morning and this morning it was near 40, and last week it rained a few days.  Point being, cold, wet, sitting a week or starting daily my bikes pretty consistent in how it starts.  Could it be your battery is just a little old and feeble?
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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