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Starting Restoration

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I just picked up a GL650 with the Interstate Kit. It’s not the GL650i but it is an early model of the GL650, serial number 15. It’s been sitting in a barn for 10 years and my winter project is to bring it back to life. First I need to find out if it runs before I spend other money. Change the oil, flush the cooling system, clean the carbs and a new battery and then we shall see. There doesn’t seem to be a cooling system drain. What is the recommended method for flushing?

Assuming I can get it to run, it needs tires. While I have the wheels off, I thought I’d pretty them up. I’m also going to have to repaint the black engine. I saw a reference to Plasticote Silver Radiator Paint being good for the engine. I’m guessing that there is black available that probably probably also work on the wheels. Then polish the aluminum edges. Are the heads aluminum that will polish up? How about the clutch housing? Might I be better off just painting them Silver?
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I am also restoring a CX500 that was stored. The carbs were a big issue, but the rusted gas tank was a Bigger issue! I also am doing the tires, battery, front disk brake rebuild and the master cylinder. Become friends with e-bay. That is were I got most of my stuff. A local cycle shop is installing a set of Dunlaps for about $210. That insludes mounting and ballancing. Got a gel cell, a bit more pricey, at Batteries Plus. They actually had the best price, so give them a shot.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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