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Starting Restoration

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I just picked up a GL650 with the Interstate Kit. It’s not the GL650i but it is an early model of the GL650, serial number 15. It’s been sitting in a barn for 10 years and my winter project is to bring it back to life. First I need to find out if it runs before I spend other money. Change the oil, flush the cooling system, clean the carbs and a new battery and then we shall see. There doesn’t seem to be a cooling system drain. What is the recommended method for flushing?

Assuming I can get it to run, it needs tires. While I have the wheels off, I thought I’d pretty them up. I’m also going to have to repaint the black engine. I saw a reference to Plasticote Silver Radiator Paint being good for the engine. I’m guessing that there is black available that probably probably also work on the wheels. Then polish the aluminum edges. Are the heads aluminum that will polish up? How about the clutch housing? Might I be better off just painting them Silver?
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Don't paint the CAN all be polished out to a beautiful shine.

IF you remove all the clear coat first - darn stuff is everywhere and it takes a really strong stripper to remove it, same with any of the paint they used.
In going through this I've found it varied. Oil filter cover was painted and cleared, clutch cover was just clear. Carbs - clear, valve covers clear only. You can pretty well tell by the underlying soothness of the finish - if it's slightly rough to begin with then it will have been painted first, if it's really smooth then it just got clear.
They also make a "Bumper Chrome" that's more of a glossy version of the satin, good for parts that are supposed to be chrome. Really does look like chrome under lower light but in direct sunlight you can sense the aluminum tint in it.

There's a link in their website on "Where to buy" that will list out their major retailers. Seems to be really good paint.
Muriatic (hydrochloric) commonly sold as pool acid will also etch enough for paint to stick, matter of fact coarse black polishing compound on a drill buffer wheel seems to be enough if you're using that Plasticote paint. I've done that on a couple of my parts in inconspicuous areas, only time will tell but it seems on there solid at present.
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