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Starter spins on bench but won’t crank bike

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Hello new member here and would appreciate any assistance. I live in Guelph Ontario Canada which is about 45 ride from Toronto. My 82 CX500 Custom was my daily driver all season and after sitting for just a couple of weeks won’t crank.
I tried a few known good batteries and even load tested them but wouldn’t crank. Solenoid just clicks. I have full voltage >12V through solenoid (power side). I pulled the starter and cleaned everything, replaced brushes and performed ground mod. On the bench it spins with power but in the bike it doesn’t. I can spin the engine over easily with a small rachet on the crank bolt.
The engine isn’t seized and plugs are out. Could I have a weak starter? I can’t seem to locate a new one online. Any suggestions?
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Testing on a bench for operation is in no way an indication that it will perform well when installed in a bike with the extra load involved.
I was working on a starter motor the other day and had my first ever failure of a component - the armature.
After servicing and doing the ground mod i tested it hooked up to a battery, although the motor spun over at what seemed like an OK speed i knew from previous experience that it was not operating at its full potential.
I swapped over the armature from a spare motor and full performance and speed was resumed.
There were no visual indications that the armature was faulty.
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