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Starter blowing.

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This may seem odd but has anyone heard of a starter blowing or having air blown back out of it through the input hole when it's cranked.

The reason I ask is because my starter has been making an odd noise when starting that sounds like air is blowing. I had the engine out in april and checked over the starter clutch so that's not it. I replaced the starter with one that David in Wisconsin showed me how to rebuild and the noise is long gone.

I dismantled the starter and cleaned it up taking note of where everything goes and it wasn't that bad inside. After it was reassembled I was feeling around and the rubber that seals the hole of the connection between the engine rear cover and the starter was sloppy and not really making any connection above the groove.
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The O-ring is installed but as I said it doesn't look like it's making contact all the way around. The only restriction I really had getting it out was due to the coolant overflow.
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