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I got a call from one of my previous employers.

He said he was working at Land Rover and that they were looking for a new tech in the shop.

Put in a resume, got an interview, and the job.

So, started last Monday and now have a week under my belt.

Working in a dealership for the first time in 15 years has a very steep learning curve.

but after a week I am getting on top of it all. (I think. I hope. lol)

Really, it isn't anything I can't handle. but it is quite a bit different than I remember.

Not the politics, the people, or the kind of work.

But the Way you do it is a bit new for me.

Did you know that a new Range Rover can have more than 15 different computer modules in it?

And if a certain one of those, and not the ECM or Transmission module, is not communicating. you can't talk to the call at all. Lul.


So, funny story.

I'm talking to one of the techs that is into motorcycle racing. actually riding the race, not watching.

And he is telling me how the Honda CBR600 cam position sensors fail all the time, so he is working out how to use a Suzuki sensor. He hopes it will be more reliable if he can figure it out.

I told him my favorite bike was a '83 GL650swi.

he says "That $h!t Box? why would you want to ride such an unreliable bike?"

Uhm... Because it isn't?

"what about all the cam chain, water pump seal and stator problems? Crap!"

I have put over 150,000 miles on CX's and GL's. I even have a GL500 that has over 80k on it.

If you spend $250 in parts and 8hrs, you can replace the stator, cam chain, and water pump seal. then you don't have to do anything much for the next 40,000+ miles.

It works for me.

he looked pretty thoughtful after that. lmao.

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I've always liked Rovers... not the cars, but the SUVs we get in the states.

Aside from the complexity -- which is the norm these days with most vehicles, and especially so with luxury brands -- what do you think of the Rovers?

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Course rover is now onwed by the Indian Company TATA Motors. I wonder if they have started building them there yet as this article from 2010 mentioned such plans.
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