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Most take some better pictures of the Silverwing in it's Solo riding State. Silvy is a 1981 but two summers ago I replaced the engine with the orginal one out of my 83 Cx650e. Exhaust has Gl500i mufflers and headers ,but custom made outlets that are larger then Oem size. Easily gets up to impound speeds on the highway. Been on alot of differant bikes in my life and after all these years the 81 ish fairings are still my favorite one. This year I'm about 400 kilometers from 12,000 kms and we still have a month left to ride.
Summer bike is of course the 83 Cx650 eurosport which I would call the more Sport/ than touring bike but still comfy to ride 600km's in a day.
Top picture is of the Hope Slide ,usually I go here when the snow has melted on it . Was a nice warm spring day at home but thankfully the sidebags carry my warmer gear.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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