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Sport Touring Builds?

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I see endless builds of CX500s that are cafe racer/tracker style but, and this isn't confined to the CX500, no builds of sport touring motorcycles. It would seem like a great platform for sport touring but even finding aftermarket fairings is like searching for the holy grail. Is this a genre of motorcycle that has been relegated to the dustbin of history?
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Lots of them.

The CX was originally marketed as a sports tourer. :)
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Add in a bikini or sporty fairing if you wish....either new or period correct off ebay.
Look at some pics from Europe....different lines to the silverwing orGL
The bikini and cafe fairings are much too small to give realistic coverage on a sport touring bike. I suppose the flavor of the month attraction of cafe racer/scrambler/tracker bikes drives the aftermarket towards a different set of products. In my research I see the old names, like Vetter, are out of the business so I interpret that as a change in tastes that works against me.
I do have a 78 CX here with a shadow mad Max fairing but if I ever get to building that bike I'm likely to not use the fairing and build it as a custom.

Strangely, I have three 78 CXs that had these fairings, all in a fairly narrow range of frame numbers.

I wonder if these bikes were always together and perhaps had been rental bikes originally.

I only have one of the fairings but three sets of bracketry.

The thingy was one of these bikes.

Like this - but this one's not mine.

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Theres repro. Madmax fairings on
Which were LaParrisien....

There was a lot of similar ones back in the 80s like the cyclestyle...i think these had a different bottom half?? C/w inline 4s for the Cx
I came across those while looking for an image.

I don't think you get the bracketry or windscreen with them.

Could be wrong.

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The ebay ones ive brackets and unfinished....straight out the mold...
It is unclear to me whether the mad Max fairings were produced first and the molds converted to the CX or vice versa.

But those in my google pic aren't CX specific.

I also note that the pic I've used from Norris bikes in Queensland is also a 78.
Bertrand Cadart made the madmax ones. . They were La parrisien. No spell check but Berts name correct
Im definite on this one as had a 750f2 friend had a ?79Cx off the showroom floor rode up to have fairings fitted...the Cx got done my bike didnt.
Edit...Bert had a minor role in madmax as well
Edit 2 La Parisienne**
Bertrands name would reflect La Parisienne I would guess.

I've moved this thread to customisation and mods.
I used to have this BMW RS replica fairing on my EC when living in cold winter Canberra but it quickly came off after moving to hot, humid Queensland.
At least in Canberra summers the lowers were detachable for hot weather.
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I don't like too much plastic. I have larger rolltop dry saddle bags for touring.

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I don't like too much plastic. I have larger rolltop dry saddle bags for touring.

View attachment 210993
IMHO-They (full-fairings) take a lil bit of getting used to...
Not being able to see to front wheel from the saddle is one thing (generally not a issue when riding..more when parking/fitting in tight spaces or negating a ramp...some will say in these instances you should be pushing the 'bike anyway..)
But for long distance. e.g. 300to600miles in a day...they make a great difference...
Some look utilitarian...others add to the looks (IMHO)
My long-distance days are somewhat the CX has only the "flyscreen" at the moment.....
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Most take some better pictures of the Silverwing in it's Solo riding State. Silvy is a 1981 but two summers ago I replaced the engine with the orginal one out of my 83 Cx650e. Exhaust has Gl500i mufflers and headers ,but custom made outlets that are larger then Oem size. Easily gets up to impound speeds on the highway. Been on alot of differant bikes in my life and after all these years the 81 ish fairings are still my favorite one. This year I'm about 400 kilometers from 12,000 kms and we still have a month left to ride.
Summer bike is of course the 83 Cx650 eurosport which I would call the more Sport/ than touring bike but still comfy to ride 600km's in a day.
Top picture is of the Hope Slide ,usually I go here when the snow has melted on it . Was a nice warm spring day at home but thankfully the sidebags carry my warmer gear.
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