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As promised, here are the pics of how I mounted the sensor for the Danmoto digital speedometer. Actually, it is the same way that I mounted the sensor for the eBay/China several years ago so all I really did to mount the Danmoto sensor was remove the old one, clean up the caliper bracket and screw the new one in.

I mounted the magnet in one of the slots in the brake disc. If your disc doesn't have slots it is pretty easy to drill a hole in a suitable location.

Then I found the place on the caliper bracket that was clear of the caliper and lined up with the magnet and marked it. The thread on the sensor is M10 1.0. I didn't have that tap but 27 threads/in = 0.94mm/thread, which is close enough so I drilled a 21/64" hole & carefully ran a 1/8-27 NPT tap into it. The pipe thread tap is tapered so you have to run it in from one side until the sensor will thread in almost half way and then run it in from the other side until the sensor can thread right in.

Because the hole is in a recessed spot I added a spacer between the carrier and the jam nut. I also coated the threads with silicone sealant to keep moisture from getting between the aluminum bracket and the stainless steel sensor housing.
sensor in caliper carrier July 2014.JPG

Here it is mounted on the bike.
sensor on fork July 2014.JPG
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