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speedo cable pls?

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mine gave up at 3.05 miles in to trip. heading tomarrow out of daytona fl, nw threw ga to suches, any one want to sell one? or come out for a ride in the area, up north from there

alexander_larson at yahoo, goes to cell

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thanks as allways, I thought it would have to be dedicated for the cx, speed is fine it's the gas I can't keep track of. Right now I'm going by time, but it's not so accuate.

I see your problem with the gas situation, when you're touring unfamiliar area I'd hat to try and estimate if the reserve could get you to the next station. Guess youi'll be making more stretch breaks whenever you see a station.

I do think Stitch is right though, a cable shouldn't be too hard to find and it might not even have to be a Honda.
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