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Someone please talk me out of this

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I want to make my own handle bars. z- style with a stretch back. pros? cons? i love the look of the bars and i don't want to pay 100 + for 1" bars that i'll have to modifiy. i havent seen any 7/8" bars that i like. db has some that are square that i was going to bite and modify to fit my controls. please, for my wifes sake, someone talk me out of this
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How aggressive do you want them?
Metals cheap. Do it as soon as possible.
metal may be cheap but divorces are expensive.

Yeah but people say it's worth it.

If she cant handle a simple z-job then what can she handle. Take a chance and live on the wild side.
Are ya doing it yet?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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