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Someone please talk me out of this

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I want to make my own handle bars. z- style with a stretch back. pros? cons? i love the look of the bars and i don't want to pay 100 + for 1" bars that i'll have to modifiy. i havent seen any 7/8" bars that i like. db has some that are square that i was going to bite and modify to fit my controls. please, for my wifes sake, someone talk me out of this
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How aggressive do you want them?
as aggressive as the rest of the bike.

The Hot Rodder's creedo is "if you can build it yourself you should" Use regular mild steel, 7/8" tubing is common and have at it. I've built bars for my XS1100. Be precise, if they're not the same left to right it'll be easy to feel the difference.

Cheers, 50gary

i think you guys are missing the point... i wanted to be TALKED OUT OF THIS, at this point i'll probably put it off til i get some miles on the bike. then i can take the bike into work with the good welder and chop saw and i'll make them on a saturday or something.
Dont do it....

I tried.

thank you... thats all i needed
metal may be cheap but divorces are expensive. i'll get some road time on the bars i have before i tear it up and make some crazy freakin bars.
she probably wouldn't even notice. if i do it I'll do it at work because there is a welder and all the other tools i would need. like i said i'll probably do it next summer once i have some miles on the bike.

I have never done the "door prize" thing but i have done the "a guy at work gave me this out of his scrap pile" thing. she never noticed the price tag still on it.

All in all shes been a really good sport about this project, maybe because i promised her i would make her a Vespa when I'm done
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no, brakes first. insurance tags and license next. bars are more of a fuckin' around project. i just got done hiding all the wiring in the bars so i would hate to undo all that.
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