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Today I've been stripping down a neglected GL500 engine that was

given to me and when I eventually got the water pump cover off

I found the ceramic Polo mint' seal stuck to the mech seal.

"Hmm, never seen that before" says I

and carried on tinkering

It didnt twig at first but must have been fermenting in my brain

because just now I thought

"Hang on! what was wrong with that picture?"

and got a torch and went out to the van and brought the gubbins

inside and also checked the pics I took

Yes, I thought so

Some numpty didnt use the proper washer and put it

on top of the ceramic seal when it should have a small

enough diameter to run inside

the main pic was taken moments after removing the impellor

the inset pics show the washer holding it against the seal

Sorry the pics are a bit crap, I must get myself a decent camera

I not complaining as the engine was given to me but I hope to use it as

a standy unit and I just hope this minor cock up doesnt mean it

has any serious issues to overcome to get it servicable.


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Good score on a free engine!

Hope the innards look good for you!

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Not sure of the history other than it was part of a spares or repair buy

a mate of mine bought and its been laid up outside in the frame for at least a year

He decided he would never do anything with it and gave it to me so it owes me

nothing so far.

This is where that utterly shagged cam chain is from

Oddly enough I dont think it leaked !!

I see no signs of that on the inner shaft

I think I'd better proceed cautiously and give it a good strip down

and look over before throwing money at it

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