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GS500, hated the thing,

NTV 650, loved this to bits, right little hooligan!

XV 535 Virago trike, beautiful peice of kit, really flew (105 mph) handled and was very loud due to open pipe! (picture of the build up)

CX 500 rat, loved it, real little go'er

My CX650 rat trike, god this thing was quick, clocked at over 120mph, was seen doing 90mph + with a trailer on the back, yes i had a tow bar!

A cx 400 trike i built, was ok but lacking power.

An XS 1100 trike i built from bits.

And a VT 700 trike i put back on the road due to an idiot knocking my mate off and him selling me the scrap for not a lot


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