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Hello! I'm relocating my battery and wonder what the wire on the positive solenoid is with the blsck box inbetween the red wire. Can this be deleted? Or do I need to have the solenoid with the fuse box attached to be able to delete it? Thanks in advance

This is on my 1981 CX500 C

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An after market solenoid may have the fuse built in as part of the unit. This one for example.
I have no experience with this particular unit, it just showed up in a web search.
They make those aftermarket switches for the CX500C and I was wondering if that replaced that whole red wire and box. There is no spot for a fuse on the box In the picture I provided. I wonder if that wire off the box runs to the fuse box. Thanks for help I appreciate it, I will have to do some more research.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Mine doesn't have a fuse? Is there supposed to be a fuse on it?

Also the solenoids with the fuse on top isn't plug and play? I found one for the 81 cx500 are you able to jist switch them out? If so, what about the red wire attached from the workng harness, can I eliminate that if I hooked this one up?

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