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1982 Honda CX500 Turbo
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Selling my CX500 Turbo, $5K. Located in Walnut Creek, CA. This was a preservation project that I took on. I had a great time, but it is now time to pass it along to the next owner. I am hoping someone on this forum can continue the preservation process.

The bike has 18,766 miles and will go up slightly for Sunday rides as I keep everything fresh.

I acquired the CX500 Turbo from a motorcycle community garage in Santa Cruz, Motorcycle & Misfits garage. They have a great podcast, BTW. Their podcast #380 provides their background with the bike. (they replaced the fuel pump).

I am the third owner.

The niggles:
The ignition and gas cap are not the original. They also have separate keys

The meter-knob for resetting the odometer is missing

Gas gauge doesn't work. I have thoroughly cleaned the gas tank and the float, however the guage still registers empty when the tank is full

There is a small oil weep from the oil pump.

There is some surface rust on the frame. I have cleaned what I could, but did not want to risk damaging the frame by any rough scrubbing

The good:
The bike is essentially stock, with the exception of a few fasteners. I have tried to locate as many stock fasteners as possible, however some remain elusive.

I've spent a lot of time polishing the aluminum parts, cylinder heads, and cleaning the bike.

New battery
Lower right and left grills found and installed
New fuel pump & filter
New clutch
New fuel lines
Seat has been reupholstered
Will come with another back-up seat
Fresh oil change
Coolant flush
Fresh brake fluid flush and change
New gear oil in Shaft drive
New flasher for the blinkers
An extra front fairing comes with the bike
I purchased galfer stainless steel brake lines but didn't install them. They will come with the bike.

Thanks for your interest. Please PM with any questions or concerns.

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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

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Tire Fuel tank Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle

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Very nice bike, it looks like someone will have fun with this bike.
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