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SOLD - 1982 CX500C - Fredericton, NB, Canada - $1982 obo

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Rebuild project was lots of fun, but I've decided to move on to something a little more modern (2004 SV650 naked)

Many details are outlined in here on work done, and many many many hours and $$ of parts put in since I got it!

Any questions about anything please let me know, it's put up for the Winter now but can deliver via trailer within 2hr drive no problem anytime.

43,900kms (bike is in Miles/mph)

Everything works great now, e-fan conversion previously done, pods + 120/90 rejet, carbs overhauled, mint intakes installed, new battery this year, good rubber. Big box of spare parts (original bars, carb parts, extra intakes, etc)

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Always sad to see one less Cx enthusiast...but the SVs a proven good performer/project base(y)
Delivered to it's new home today. It will get much love!
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