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I would shorten your Ad to ...." Looking for Honda CX parts Bike or CX GL parts. Let me know what you got and what you want. Trades considered for? Thanks ( and put a good easy contact method)

An old rule in Sales is.... the bigger the for sale sign, the more motivated the seller or buyer is. Your ad indicates you really want this stuff... a savvy seller will notice this and price accordingly.

Once they contact you, they are showing they are motivated... you can always say not interested quickly to the obvious fishers... it's a dance.

As a Purchaser and Seller of used bikes and parts I find it's best to let things seek their own level and not insult with lowball haggling.... but on occasion,

I've seen sellers sit on a bike for six months with the same CL ad popping up... sometimes I'll check in after a couple months and their reality check has adjusted the price to a more realistic level.

I'd probably go wave 2 100 dollar bills at that titled bike, and sell the owner on the idea that it is worth nothing to him sitting there not running.... check in once a month to see if he'll bite... sometimes it just takes patience. His price is a bet on your impulsiveness...

Good Luck !
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