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It's hard to say, I HIGHLY doubt the motor was rebuilt with less than 10k miles on it, unless he ran it out of oil and had to throw new bearings in it... As far as how he treated the bike, it's hard to say, really depends on how long he's been torturing the bike and how hard he's really ridden it, I know I ride mine hard, and the only issue I've had is the stator, but I hit the brakes early so i don't dump it to avoid getting hit...

Don't let his stupidity scare you, if you don't do what he did, you won't turn out like he did... If you don't do stupid stuff, odds are stupid stuff won't happen. I've been on my CX for 2 years, and rode almost every single day last year we didn't have snow, literally, I was riding the day the snow 1st started melting off the roads, and parked my bike the 1st day snow stuck to the roads, and the worst thing that happened to me was I dropped the bike while turning around, and I don't mean wiped out, I mean my foot slipped, and the bike tipped and I stepped off of it, and another time I had a short heavier girlfriend, and to get on she had to step on the foot peg and use it as a boost to get her other leg over the seat, and I wasn't ready for the weight and tipped it again, so after that I started keeping it on the kickstand when she was getting on, my new girl weighs probably 125-130ish, and she gets on the same way, but I can hardly feel it when she gets on there though...

So what I'm saying is, don't let this guy make you think out bikes are unsafe or anything, just because he's a [email protected]$$ doesn't mean you will be too.

The worst thing I've had happen when I stopped early was I had to give it more gas to get to the stop sign... So when I stop, I start stopping early
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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