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Slow drip

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Just wondering, I have a slow drip of oil coming from the gear lever shaft outlet on the case. It's not huge, when it gets warm it drips more, when I first shut the motor off it's considerable, when it's cool it drips less, when it's cold/not running it doesn't drip. I think it's just an O-ring, but 1. I don't have an o-ring (yet) to replace it 2. I don't want to go digging out the existing if that's not the correct fix and get myself in deep with a larger repair.

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Oil seal. You can replace it from the outside.
Yep. Definitely the oil seal. When you get the replacement remove the shift lever, pop the old seal out and press the new one in (IIRC I used a socket the same size as the outside of the seal for a driver and tapped it with a 1 Lb deadblow hammer).

When you put the lever back on make sure the index marks on the lever and the shaft are aligned so that it won't hit the header.
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and wrap a turn of electrical tape around the splined shaft , oil the inside of the seal , slip it over the now smooth shaft - if you dont you run the risk of cutting the seal lip on the splines
Not an O ring. It's a 14 x 26 x 7 seal.
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