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Slipping grip

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Hey all,

I haven't really dug into the problem much, but particularly during my rainy ride home a weekend ago or so my throttle grip would rotate on the actual throttle and even begin to slide off of the handlebars while going down the highway.

Any ideas for fixing it, I'd much rather not glue the grip on. Heating it up would make it stretch I imagine.
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Take off.Degrease shaft with carb/brake cleaner.Get ready and spray throttle shaft with Hairspray and quickly get grip back on and Robert's your Dad's Brother
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Mine did the same thing. I got a tube of grip glue from the honda dealer. I wish I'd known that hair spray worked. It was like a $12 tube of stuff.

Also if ever you start getting misfiring in rain/damp conditions Hairspray is an old trick as a temporary insulator on the coils/leads and plug caps.Got me home on a 150 mile run one time
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