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I was just thinking and wondering....

I've seen where some have used shorter 11" shocks to lower the bike in the rear a bit....

I'm 6'1" so my feet reach the ground just fine when sitting on the bike however with all the gear on, especially the armored pants and the boots, sometimes it's a chore stepping over the seat to get on the bike in the first place so I had a wonder about those shocks......

Does the fact that it lowers the rear end of the bike 2 inches ALSO mean that you don't slide forward in the seat as much since it's tilted back, albeit only 2 inches, or does it affect that at all ?

I finally got me a "made for a bike" memory foam seat cover to replace the big bulky one shown in my sig pics and it is VERY comfy (hint hint for you guys) however I still slide forward every now and then so I'm thinking if the bike tilted back 2 inches it might "kind of" help with that issue as well as making it easier to step over onto the bike.

Or does it even make a noticeable difference in the seat leaning back more ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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