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Place the engine main drive shaft onto the engine with it's small insert gear in the CORRECT way round.

Put the gear lever on.

Place a rag around the shaft to help with purchase and turn the engine and move the gear lever and see if you can move from neutral and through the gears and back.If you have to,use a pair of Vise grips on the clothed/protected shaft to help turn the engine.You can also use several layers of masking tape around the drive shaft to protect it whilst doing this check.

All the spacers and thrust washers must be in place and the gear change mechanism at the correct height to allow the roller wheels to operate correctly.There are 3 thrust washers in the back of the engine.One either side of the small starter gear(the one on the small removable axle)

And 1 under the left hand side gear selector shaft.If these are not in place they will cause premature wear of components and vague gear changes respectively.

There is no point assembling and engine without checking the gears operate correctly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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