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Woah, there`s no need to turn the engine, a buddy isn`t needed, forget about operating the clutch - it`s much simpler than all of that.

Just put the final output shaft on the end of the gearbox layshaft and turn it through half a rotation or so back and forth while operating the gear lever - you`ll be able to go up`n`down through the `box easily enough that way.

Motorcycles have (relatively) crude gearboxes where the `dogs` on one pinnion have to align with the slot in the corresponding pinnion it meshes with - turning the layshaft will do that.

This is what we sometimes do to select gears when the bike is assembled and want to check the gears without using the clutch - rock the rear wheel to and fro, or sometimes shuffle the bike forward/backward while sat on it when trying to persuade a recalcitrant gearbox into neutral...
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