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Note, I am not a member of this group, but I am sure they do not mind me sharing this information with you. I am simply providing this here for members who are interested in obtaining the manual.

The Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association (TMIOA) offers a CD that contains all the service manuals for each of the factory Turbos, Honda CX500T, CX650T, Suzuki XN85, Kawasaki 750 Turbo, and Yamaha Seca Turbo. The cost is $12. (I take that back, I just bought one for $12 and now I notice they are on sale for $10)

The CD contains every page of every factory Turbo service manual. There's no other place on earth to get this. Everything you always wanted to know about Turbos, but was afraid to ask. It's all here.

Not bad considering you get all the manuals. Nice reference in electronic form.

If interested, GO TO:


scroll to the bottom of page and click "ENTER HERE"


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