ODO: 35,654

I love this bike so much, but it really should not be my first bike. This is an antique that requires care that I simply cannot provide. I have made the decision that I should sell this bike to someone that has the knowhow and ability to maintain it the way it deserves.

I got this bike last year after it sat for about 10 years in a garage. I got it running and it was an absolute blast. However, the jobs that need to be done require garage space and time that I simply do not have. I live in DC and there just is not a reliable place to service my bike and the shop where I have gotten parts from is also closing so it has become too difficult to balance service and life. Also, the shops nearby keep telling me that they do not work on motorcycles older than 2004 (not sure why 2004 is the cutoff but four shops in the area have refused to even change the tire on my bike citing that year). As much as this is an opportunity to learn motorcycle maintenance, I feel like this bike deserves to be done properly and kept on the road.

Some maintenance that I have done:

-Replaced starter with OEM part
-Rebuilt brake calipers with new seals and pistons
-Replaced old brake lines with new steel ones
-New master cylinder
-New brake pads in front and rear (drum brakes in rear)
-Replaced broken tachometer cable
-New inline fuel filter
-Carbs serviced by Murray’s Carbs (ultrasonic cleaning and rebuild)
-Brand new front and rear Dunlop tires
-Oil and coolant changes
-New radiator cap
-Brand new black Biltwell grips

Maintenance that I know needs to be done:
Needs new fork seals. Selling with fork oil and new seals + dust covers
Needs starter clutch service. Selling with necessary parts, all HONDA OEM

I suspect that the valve seals should be replaced and am selling with all the seals and gaskets for that job. See list below of all parts and their Honda part numbers.

I got the bike with all maintenance records, 1983 service manual, and magazine cutouts featuring the GL/CX motorcycle lines and would pass that on to the next owner.

I have also maintained my own service records in an excel spreadsheet that I can send you detailing parts that have been bought and jobs that I did or had serviced at a shop.

Also, the bike comes with the OEM rear seat, OEM rear storage compartment, and OEM rider seat (I bought another seat that is also OEM because the original needs to be reupholstered).

Parts that come with bike:
3x 28125-516-030 SPRING
3x 8126-415-000 CAP
3x 91101-516-000 ROLLER
1x Flywheel removal tool
4x 94608-50000 O-RING

Water pump:
1x 19217-657-023 SEAL, MECHANICAL
1x 11396-415-000 GASKET (water pump seal)

Valve seals/Valve covers:
8x 12209-MB9-003 SEAL, VALVE STEM
2x 12328-415-000 GASKET, HEAD COVER
2x 12329-415-000 GASKET, PLUG HOLE
4x 90541-371-000 RUBBER, MOUNTING
94301-14200 PIN, DOWEL

I also have a clutch cover gasket (Murray’s carbs) and rear cover gasket (Honda OEM)

The original owner bought the bike new in 1983 and lived in Meadowbrook, PA. He used to ship the bike out to Europe and ride all around.

I have really grown to love this bike and all the history around it. I really wish that I could buy a new bike and keep this one to do a full service. Anyways, it has been an absolute blast being part of this community and the guidance I received from this forum has been truly astonishing and I will be forever grateful. Hopefully I can be in a better situation in a couple years and get myself another twisted twin.

PM me if you are interested, I’ll be uploading photos as soon as I am back in DC of the bike and all the accessories and parts that come with it.