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Seat replacement/redesign options?

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I need a different seat. I’ve put up with the original because it’s the only thing I didn’t like about the bike when I bought it, but it’s time to find something more comfortable.

Sitting in front of the split is too short for my legs and sitting behind it is too long for my arms. I can reach the handlebars just fine but it keeps my elbows straighter than is comfortable for feeling in control, especially during sharper turns.

Sitting right on the split is ideal but I end up sliding forward, so I need to find a seat that’s flat.

A direct replacement is ideal but I’m not opposed to having it redone at a shop/upholstery service if necessary. I’m not concerned about keeping the original leather or resale value.

I did find one thread about the GL1000 seats being a direct fit but the pics are no longer viewable and it didn’t specify if the year matters.

As always, all input is appreciated.


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You could try removing the cover and cutting some of the foam out yourself and putting the fabric back on. Cutting that ridge back 1.5" inches might be enough, the fabric might not lay quite right as it's got that pattern in it, but at least this way you can sort out the shape of what you want first before you get a pro to cover it if it comes to that.

Good thing is the stock seats are pretty cheap so I'd not be worried about butchering one.
Also, looking at the goldwing seats for the 82-ish years, I don't think you'd fix your problem because it looks like the driver seat is as short or shorter than the CX500 seat.

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That ^ CX500 custom 1982 seat is on ebay for about $100 shipped. Thought maybe the ruler could give you an idea of it that seat there might be an option.

The GL1100 seat pan does like nearly identical to the CX500, but it's rear bracket is slightly different but looks easily compatible or modifiable.


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I have the King/Queen bucket seat on my '81 CX500 Custom, and while the wife likes it, the seat puts my knees onto the cylinder heads. It's just not comfortable for me.
I sorta figured those seats would do that. Good excuse to cafe race it out though
Are cafe racer seats an option for my 82? I found some on Amazon for < $100 but even using the vehicle filter, I’m not sure if there’s a match - they all look like they’ll be too skinny or possibly match the back/wider end and then be overhanging on the front.

Oh no, that was a a joke aimed at Tumbleweed's bike because it just sits unused. As he has other rides, I was inferring he ought to just make a custom ride out of it.

I would definitely not recommend a cafe seat as there's usually little comfort afforded; they're usually quite thin and most you see for sale online are meant for frame cutting custom builds.

$400 seems quite steep for such a basic job, but a mustang seat for a modern bike will run you north of $600 so for a custom made seat maybe it's not terrible. I would expect more than just plain vinyl for that price. Some nice stitching or something.

I would maybe ask them about test fitting your butt to it before they finalize the fabric part? In case the foam shape isn't right for you. Although I'm not sure if that's an appropriate thing to ask, I've never had a custom seat made.
"nice stitching" on a motorcycle seat is a place for water to collect and make its way into the foam through the stitch holes so it will come back out when you sit on it. If you are expecting to use it much I'd go for as plain as possible.

I'd also talk to other upholstery guys before making a decision.
I didn't think about that, but I was thinking for that kind of cost, I would expect something other than just a piece of vinyl stretched over foam and stapled to the bottom. Like the bottom edges folded and stitched...I'm sure there's a term for it. Or lettering of some sorta like the HONDA on my CB750.

But I also imagine a quality seat would be sealed. My Thorogoods and Danners have plenty of stitching and see far worse use than a bike and they hold out water just fine.
If they're doing this level of work; I'd say you're getting your $400 worth:

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How about this one from DS?

The shape of the pan and frame looks right but it still has a split - I’m looking for a seat that’s level all the way across.

With the hump in the seat pan, you'll either have to bulk up the front half or skimp on the back. It does actually sound like you're wanting a cafe seat then. But as before, every cafe seat pan out there requires subframe modification.

I do imagine it's physically impossible to have a true flat seat with a stock seat pan without raising the driver seat up to the rear height, and then it's gonna look super weird. Like a big loaf of black bread.
What you're wanting would be almost like this, but flatter, and this one is sold by some German company for about that $400. They say it fits CX500 but don't specify custom or deluxe but it's made as an OEM replacement so it's using the stock seatpan design at least. It doesn't look as terrible as I thought.

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There's this seat on motofaction, that I've never seen for sale, but would seem to show it's reasonable to get a flat seat front to back on your seatpan without it being ridiculous looking.

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