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Seat replacement/redesign options?

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I need a different seat. I’ve put up with the original because it’s the only thing I didn’t like about the bike when I bought it, but it’s time to find something more comfortable.

Sitting in front of the split is too short for my legs and sitting behind it is too long for my arms. I can reach the handlebars just fine but it keeps my elbows straighter than is comfortable for feeling in control, especially during sharper turns.

Sitting right on the split is ideal but I end up sliding forward, so I need to find a seat that’s flat.

A direct replacement is ideal but I’m not opposed to having it redone at a shop/upholstery service if necessary. I’m not concerned about keeping the original leather or resale value.

I did find one thread about the GL1000 seats being a direct fit but the pics are no longer viewable and it didn’t specify if the year matters.

As always, all input is appreciated.


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Also, looking at the goldwing seats for the 82-ish years, I don't think you'd fix your problem because it looks like the driver seat is as short or shorter than the CX500 seat.

View attachment 211353

View attachment 211354

That ^ CX500 custom 1982 seat is on ebay for about $100 shipped. Thought maybe the ruler could give you an idea of it that seat there might be an option.

The GL1100 seat pan does like nearly identical to the CX500, but it's rear bracket is slightly different but looks easily compatible or modifiable.


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I have the King/Queen bucket seat on my '81 CX500 Custom, and while the wife likes it, the seat puts my knees onto the cylinder heads. It's just not comfortable for me.

If someone gave me the money I have in that bike, I'd send it down the road just that fast.
It doesn't have the legs, or power of my other bikes, so it just sits.
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