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Seat replacement/redesign options?

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I need a different seat. I’ve put up with the original because it’s the only thing I didn’t like about the bike when I bought it, but it’s time to find something more comfortable.

Sitting in front of the split is too short for my legs and sitting behind it is too long for my arms. I can reach the handlebars just fine but it keeps my elbows straighter than is comfortable for feeling in control, especially during sharper turns.

Sitting right on the split is ideal but I end up sliding forward, so I need to find a seat that’s flat.

A direct replacement is ideal but I’m not opposed to having it redone at a shop/upholstery service if necessary. I’m not concerned about keeping the original leather or resale value.

I did find one thread about the GL1000 seats being a direct fit but the pics are no longer viewable and it didn’t specify if the year matters.

As always, all input is appreciated.


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The seat on the 650 I have is of similar design and I have the same issues. I recovered mine with a stock pattern cover (eBay) with minor difficulty. The seat pans are not easy to change but a a competent shop could modify the foam and sew a new cover to fit,, for several hundred dollars is my guess. That's why I compromised, as well as maintained originality. It's not terribly uncomfortable for the distances I use the bike for. The cover I got is good vinyl fabric and attached with narrow crown air staple gun. Short staples,, had to order thousands as I recall but cheap. Has held up well and decent looking.
If you go the custom rebuild on your pan, shop around,, local guys here wanted stupid money to just attach the cover I bought. It does have buttons holding the material tight as original which was a pain. Yours would be nearly flat so easier to make pattern and sew. They saw and sand the foam, as well as glue on new layers if required. It's spendy though,,,,,
To achieve the flatness you want carving the bump down and adding foam to the front area seems possible to me. No pan modification required.
$400 is alot for a seat rebuild but I understand the time involved. The materials are spendy and it is an art to sculpt the foam and sew a decent cover. My redo cost $70. Vanity is expensive,,,😊
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