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O.K. I'm getting confused as always lately.

I have a 82 Sliverwing GL500 .

Leaks Oil from right side near front of Engine.

I was told could be or probably Cam Shaft Seal which is common or is it that copper washer? Huh!

anyway Do I need to remove Engine to do this? Hoping Not

I be a good helper basically what does that tell you.

could remove Gas Tank to get access

Just not sure what to do Ordered seal Dealer wouldn't touch it.


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The copper washer is at the rear so forget that

Oil leaks on the front can be the cam shaft seal,

tacho drive seal or the clutch arm seal

( although it may be a gasket not a seal, you really need to examine it first)

If you have oil on top of the clutch housing it isnt the clutch

so its probably one of the 2 seals in the tacho drive housing

Its easy enough to do the cam shaft seal and you'll have to

remove the rad and fan to remove the housing.

The tiny tacho drive seal is a bugger to pick out, so hope its the cam shaft one.
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There are several spots where oil could leak on the front side. I would guess that the cam seal would be the least likely tho. You will need to clean the engine off enough to see where the leak is originating. A can of engine bright, carb or brake cleaner and $5.00 in quarters at a car wash should do the trick. When you have it clean and dry, try puffing a little flour over the suspected area. Oil shows up great against the white flour.

My guess is that the front cover gasket is leaking. But it could also be the oil filter seal, oil drain plug, tach seal, or clutch cover gasket or seal.
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