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Sea Foam...

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Sea Foam

I'd like to know what really is the deal. I have heard some conflicting opinions, so maybe having them all in one spot can guide us overall a bit better.

Does this stuff do our machines any real good? Why and how?

What are the alternatives? I've heard mention of B-12. What makes that better??


What do these things do, aside from the claims stated????

Curious minds.........

Joel in the Couve
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As mentioned, Seafoam will help clean the fuel system when used in accordance with its instructions. It works fairly well.

But don't be tempted to increase the concentration, thinking if some is good then more must be even better. More than one forum member has gummed up his carbs this way; then it's necessary to disassemble them for cleaning. That pretty much defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.
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