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Sea Foam...

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Sea Foam

I'd like to know what really is the deal. I have heard some conflicting opinions, so maybe having them all in one spot can guide us overall a bit better.

Does this stuff do our machines any real good? Why and how?

What are the alternatives? I've heard mention of B-12. What makes that better??


What do these things do, aside from the claims stated????

Curious minds.........

Joel in the Couve
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As others have said it won't do harm and can do good.It's basically the same as many other Petrol treatments like STP/RedX/Wynns.It can help keep the carbs clean and is useful for,"Winterizing" as a fuel stabilizer and can help prevent tank corrosion.

It will not however fix already badly gunged up carbs.

I would not pay premium prices for the Brand name though as any supermarket version will do.
Shep, next time you buy a bottle of STP gas treatment give it a smell, then go smell some diesel fuel.

Most of these petrol treatments are just a form of light oil of one form or another.Some are even hydraulic fluid re-badged.We've been using stuff like it in the Aircraft industry to lubricate fuel injectors in diesel cars running<cough> some fuel they may have found on-site

I don't buy into the hyperbole of Salesmen and Advertising.I test and ask
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