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Sea Foam...

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Sea Foam

I'd like to know what really is the deal. I have heard some conflicting opinions, so maybe having them all in one spot can guide us overall a bit better.

Does this stuff do our machines any real good? Why and how?

What are the alternatives? I've heard mention of B-12. What makes that better??


What do these things do, aside from the claims stated????

Curious minds.........

Joel in the Couve
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Joel, I have interest in this too. I admit I have a can of the stuff on my shelf and have bought many of bottles in the past. A recent post by Marshal about stabil really got me thinking on this seafoam though. Yea, I know it makes the exhaust smoke when I put it in the fuel system. So what. I have never torn down an engine put it back together used the stuff then torn it down again to compare. Might be educational and save some future monies.

One certain thing I do know is that I use gasoline to wash/soak parts in a coffee can not seafoam.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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