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Just picked up an '80 CX500 Deluxe with full fairing and shoei bags for 300 bucks. Got her running this morning. She's sat for 2 years, but is in fantastic shape. I'll be giving her to my father
(After I do a carb cleaning that is!)
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Very nice!
Pics soon! She's still in the back of my truck. I changed the oil and did the tappets in the bed. Looks good/sounds good. Runs like crap though.. Spark on both sides, but runs mostly on one cylinder due to nasty carbs. I only ran her enough to slightly warm the oil.

Guys, any tips for getting the radiator cap off with the vetter fairing? I am uncomfortable letting it warm up fully without checking the radiator level, but I can't seem to get the cap off... The fairing mounts seem to be right in the way. It might be doable, but in the truck bed it is hard to do anything!
I have to take the fairing mount loose on my QuickSilver to open the radiator cap. Kinda why I mostly dread doolant issues.
Wow, what a PITA!

I'll be waiting until tomorrow when I drop the bike off at my dad's house to do anything about that !
As requested,


It has been cleaned up, all maintenance items checked, carbs rebuilt, and some wiing work done. Ready for the road (just in time to be put away for the year! lol)

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That looks wicked nice! You aren't putting it away yet, are you? I know it's been below 30 a couple times, but we still might get a week or maybe even 2 of decent high 30's before the snow starts!
I've been trying to convince him to register it, but no luck so far. I'll keep pestering!
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Some new LED tails, a wax, and a new seat cover are on. She is looking fantastic. Runs so nice too. Doesn't even need the choke to start at 50 degrees. I can't believe how nice she runs after we gave her the once over.
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