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Just picked up an '80 CX500 Deluxe with full fairing and shoei bags for 300 bucks. Got her running this morning. She's sat for 2 years, but is in fantastic shape. I'll be giving her to my father
(After I do a carb cleaning that is!)
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I have to take the fairing mount loose on my QuickSilver to open the radiator cap. Kinda why I mostly dread doolant issues.
It was doable with the fairing on, but I think you had to take a screwdriver and push down on the corner of the cap while turning...or something strange like that. It might be helpful to take the tank off.

Yeah, if you have a small tube to a container or funnel, you can tip the cap enough to top it off. But almost impossible to see inside or remove the cap.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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