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Saddle up

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I am really loving the way my bike feels now, runs great, all-balls in the triple and new fork seals, rebuilt the pro-link squeaks, handles fine, but there's still something about riding position that's not quite right. It seems like I'm sitting too low. I've sat on a couple other CX/GL bikes and the seats are definitely higher. My seat is an obvious re-upholster job, nice new cover.

Someone told me that the original seats had a layer of soft foam for comfort on top of a layer of "hard foam" - the stuff that gives the seat its shape and height. Mine seems to be missing the "hard foam" layer -- you can feel the plastic pan with your fingers.

Seems to me this affects handling because I'm sitting lower. Also, knees are bent at more than 90 degrees in normal riding position, so they start to ache like hell after about an hour. And I can feel the plastic pan with my butt bones, bumpy roads mucho oucho.

I would like to re-stuff the seat. The new cover is stapled on, so I think I can remove it and re-staple it after I add whatever material I need to.

I would like to know what the stock seat thickness is, and what material I should use.

Instead of measuring seat thickness, I thought it might make sense to determine what the stock measurement is from floor to seat surface with the bike on its center stand. With mine on the center stand, I put a level across the seat about even with the "W" on the side cover SilverWing badges, and measured 33-1/4" from concrete floor to the bottom of the level. If anybody would oblige me to give me your height measured the same way, that would be a great help.
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Interesting about the GL...

If your over 5' 11" ... your legs feel cramped.

If your under 5' 7" ... you have a difficult time standing flat footed.
I'm 5' 9" and my legs feel cramped. And again, I think it's because I have no hard foam in the seat, so when I perch my huge 152 lbs. bulk I sink in so I can feel the plastic pan with my butt bones. Might not be so much the height as the poor padding, circulation ain't what it used to be, etc, etc. In any case, I'm going to try Kingston's idea cutting up a camping mat and stuffing it between the soft foam and the pan. The gel seat cushions all seem to be upwards of $50, which is currently beyond my means.
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