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Running on one cylinder

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I have n 82 cx500 that's running on one cylinder, both coils get spark, both butterfly n CV slides move, this was in issue before bike would bog n then sometimes kick in at high rpms now it doesn't fire at all, the pipe is cold after riding n has no power, it's the right cylinder, any help would be appreciated
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Any carb work done?
Just pod filters I also put stp in the gas to see if that was the issue bike ran on 2 yesterday I cleaned bike today n now running on one, I also cleaned the plug n slightly shortned up the coil wire to make better connection
Tried switching the coils around n fried my starter seloniod 😂
Have a look at this since you mentioned pod filters.
Pods Plug Atmospheric Ports | Honda CX 500 Forum
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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