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So, first time posting here. I've been lurking around, enjoying the community.

Purchased an 81 CX500 last year, which has just been sitting around, being run once a month until I had time to get to it.
Last weekend was a long weekend up in Canada, so I dragged the bike up to my cottage, and spent the weekend (with the invaluable assistance of my Brother) working on it, making it a little more like the machine I envisioned.

Started out with this;


3 long days later, ended up with this;


Full build images (hosted on imgur) here:

Changes I (we) made;

Stripped the tank, rough sanded and scoured it, shot with 5 coats of clear.
Had a repair to the front corner of the tank, just sanded it back down and left it raw, with all the imperfections.
Removed the rear grab-bars
Removed radiator surrounds
Removed and replaced;
Tail Light (swapped for a cat-eye with integrated turn-signals)
Front turn signals replaced and re-located to the side of the headlight bucket)
Rotated the rear fender 5" up
New Cafe seat
New Clubman handlebars
Painted Headlight Bucket
Painted Valve Covers
Ground down triple tree cover and Brake fluid cover
Removed some rust from here and there
Re-routed cables
Changed Plugs, Oil/Filter, Cleaned contacts
Wrapped the headers
Probably forgetting a couple things here, but that's the basics.

All in all, it was quite enjoyable. The only issue I am now having is that I am blowing tail-light fuses, so no running lights or gauge lights now!.
I ended up spending hours and hours going over the wiring with my brother, trying both multi-meters and test-lights, but to no avail!! Even tried the old lights back in place.

I ended up adding the rear turn-signals (even though the tail-light has integrated turn signals), as another way to troubleshoot.

Anyways, going to pay someone with more experience to track down the problem, and hit the road!

A final look at the bike, and a giant thanks to my Brother, whom without I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near this in a weekend!


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where did you get that seat at or did u redo ur original seat pan, and did you shorten your cables and brake line yet as I have a set of clubmans in the garage I want to put on the bike so bad, I have bad circulation in my hands and the riding position with the clubmans over the stock bars seem to be a lot better for me,
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