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Right side not running as hot...

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I just recently got my motor running. Tonight I adjusted my idle screw to keep it running without touching the throttle. That was successful. I have my header pipes on, but the h-box and mufflers are not on yet. At first, I noticed that more air was coming out of my left pipe than my right pipe and the air was hotter on the left than on the right. I let it idle for a few minutes, and my left header pipe was too hot to touch but my right pipe was just warm. I do not have a setup yet to balance my carbs so I figured if I turned the right carb mixture screw out about a half a turn it might create more combustion on the right side??? I did that. It seems like the amount of air coming out of the pipe increased some, but it was not as much as the left side still. If I turned the throttle a little bit, a blue flame came out the right pipe but no flame was coming out the left pipe. I did the propane torch check to see if I had an air leak on the right side, and I do not believe that to be the case. Any other ideas? Should I not be concerned about this until I get the carbs balanced?
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well i have the same problem!!!! did check what was mentioned ,except change the coil...... what is next for you so i can fallow your steps ,,,,
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