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Right side not running as hot...

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I just recently got my motor running. Tonight I adjusted my idle screw to keep it running without touching the throttle. That was successful. I have my header pipes on, but the h-box and mufflers are not on yet. At first, I noticed that more air was coming out of my left pipe than my right pipe and the air was hotter on the left than on the right. I let it idle for a few minutes, and my left header pipe was too hot to touch but my right pipe was just warm. I do not have a setup yet to balance my carbs so I figured if I turned the right carb mixture screw out about a half a turn it might create more combustion on the right side??? I did that. It seems like the amount of air coming out of the pipe increased some, but it was not as much as the left side still. If I turned the throttle a little bit, a blue flame came out the right pipe but no flame was coming out the left pipe. I did the propane torch check to see if I had an air leak on the right side, and I do not believe that to be the case. Any other ideas? Should I not be concerned about this until I get the carbs balanced?
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IF you seem to be getting more out of one side, check the plugs and see if they look the same (color wise) and do a check on the valve settings. If the cylinder isnt firing all the time, then there will be less coming out of it. Pull the plugs and get leave them on the wires, then get a GOOD ground on the plug threads (wire wrap and tied to a good frame ground) and check the spark, should be big and healthy. See if they look the same one each side. If the right one is week, try reversing the coils and see if the bad spark moves with the coil, if so the coil may be dying.
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