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Replacing Wheel Bearings

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Anybody have a good procedure to replace the wheel bearings on both my 82 custom and 82 gl? Any there any special tools I would need to get? I figure doing all 4 myself is worth the $200 the dealer wants to replace all 4.

Thanks, Andy
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No it's not hard and covered in the manual.

Buy a Haynes manual and also download one,

You will need a tool to remove the retainer but you can make one.Use the search function for wheel bearings.There's plenty of threads on it.

They are cheap enough to buy,

Note:They are the same RS 6032 bearings front and back for the CX/GL500s and on my CX500s they don't use the seals in the picture IIRC they just go straight in but it's been a while since I did some.

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