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I agree with the other forum members -- fill up your cooling system at the radiator on a CX500, never at the overflow jug. Next, check the oil. Put you bike on its center stand on level ground. Unscrew to dipstick, wipe it and put it back in without screwing it down. Now read to level on the stick. Do not screw the dipstick in to check the level. What does the oil look like? It should be light brown.

Then try to get the bike running again however you can. Spraying a little blast of starting fluid into the carbs while trying to start it has often worked for me.

I'm skeptical that you burnt a valve. I've been on this forum for several years and I've owned four of these motorcycles. Burnt valves are not common on these motors. Other stuff goes bad, but not commonly burnt valves.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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