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New to the forum, but I have read many threads over the past couple months. Everyone seems very helpful, so I thought I would pose a question.

My short question is this: Where can i find a new set of valves for my '80 cx500? And how much should I pay for them? Am I going to have to search junkyards and parts bikes for them or is there an easier way?

My long story is this: This is the first ever motorcycle that I have had. I originally bought it because I have a fairly long commute to work and a gas hungry car. I learned how to ride it on the way home from the house where I bought it. (for 500$) It was scary as hell, but I made it home. The next three times I rode it, I finally got why people are obsessed with motorcycles. I felt the wind whip around me and I was hooked. I only got to ride it 4 times, because the second time I took her on the highway it overheated. I was watching the temp gauge, and it seemed fine until I felt a loss of power and noticed steam coming from the coolant overflow tubes. The engine shut down and I assumed the PO hadn't put coolant in it. So I went to the gas station, bought some premix, and put it in the coolant reserve tank. (Maybe I should have put it right in the radiator?) The bike had about 25 mins to cool from when I left it to when I got back with the coolant. I started the bike up and whoo hoo! It started. I gave a cheer and walked the bottle of coolant back to the car. Before I shut the trunk I heard the motorcycles engine die. When I ran back over, no amount of coaxing would get the thing running again. I ended up having it towed to a shop who said they would do a compression test on it for me for free. He said the results were 125 in one cylinder and 90 in the other. I asked him what he thought it could be, he said it was probably that it burned a valve. He said it would be around 500$ to fix it.

Since I only paid 500$ for the bike, I am wondering if it is going to be worth fixing or if it would be better just to junk it. I have the money, and I don't mind spending it as long as it will actually fix the bike. The shop also seems kind of shady, and I am wondering how difficult this would be to do myself. I don't know alot about it, but it seems like it wouldn't be that much harder than adjusting the valves, which I am confident I could do myself.


btw, Make sure my profile is updated with my location and bike type. I think I did it right....
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