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Removing Mufflers From Rusted Exhaust Collector Box

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Hey all,

I am trying to remove the mufflers from my new project bike and I have hit a snag. The exhaust collector box is pretty rusted and it wont let go of the mufflers. I have removed the bolt and clamps holding the mufflers on per the manuals instruction, but they are still very tightly held in place by the exhaust box.
Any Tips or ideas to get them off? One of the mufflers has a crack in it and can't take any more pressure from me trying to wrench it free.

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I experienced the same thing. I ended up taking the rear brake off and slipping the exhaust off the bike whole.

That way I could try to separate the pieces later. I tried soaking the joints in ACF-50 (penetrating oil) and was forced to use heat to separate them.

Luckily I work at a shop that has a gas torch. Once heat was applied it came off with one tap from a sledge.

Maybe you could take the exhaust off (same as above) and ask some folks at a muffler shop to heat it up for you.

You'll be surprised how many people will rally behind you, if you explain that you're rebuilding this bike...

Upon refitting use Nickel Anti-Seize Compound on the joints.

Next time you won't have to fight. The company from the link above has a location nearby, but this is what I saw on E-Bay with a quick search.

What other work are you trying to do?
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